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Atoll Electronique Canada is proud distributor of
SSC accesories

SSC has been present on the national and international market with gear bases and equipment feet for the sound enhancement of audio components already since 1997. During all those years, the specialised press has accompanied our products in a positive manner and certified the SSC technology time and again an outstanding quality with a very good price-performance ratio.

Meanwhile our product range has been expanded continually to render assistance with sound problems by using different SSC components.

What once started with the rope technology for a gear base, has now developed into a product range designed to help alter or improve the existing sound image by using various equipment feet, gear pucks and different gear bases.

With all of our products a common trend becomes apparent: more energy, a finer resolution, a more precise timing and a notably better room reproduction.

The solid craftsmanship and specificity of the individual components bestows our products the high degree of quality indispensable to not be perceived as mediocrity by the user. All the more so if the visible material value and the acoustic benefit bear a reasonable relation to the price.

We do not compromise on the material selection; all materials are manufactured and processed in Germany, carefully tested and then released. Hence we also give "Made in Germany" a good sound and a high level of product safety to our customers around the world.
SSCrecordPoint420 The RECORDPOINT 420 record clamp is made of two anodized high-grade steel aluminum caps with the string suspension technology and can be used with most turntables. It improves contact between the record and the platter and stabilized it. The result is less distortion, a stable sound image and more dynamic range. Recommended by HiFi Choice.
SSC NetPoint100

A new webbing was integrated into the sandwich construction of the devices. You can just place the Netpoint 100 under your equipment or you can easily remove the felt glider.

Height: 14 mm
Diameter: 50 mm
Maximum load (4): 60 kg

SSC NetPoint200

Netpoint 200 are mostly identical to 100 except for the top plate is designed for use with M4, M6 or M8 screw adaptors (included)

Height: 13 mm
Diameter: 50 mm
Maximum load (4): 60 kg

SSCnetpoint300 Netpoint 300 are very similar to 200 but designed to use with spike or sharp cone. They have a cavity instead of felt or scew adaptor. They are also a little bit thinner.

Height: 12 mm
Diameter: 50mm
Maximum load (4): 60 kg
SSCmagicPoint The new SSC MagicPoints are made with a high-quality anodized aluminum housing in which the SSC string suspension element is mounted with two rare earth magnets, each aligned, so the poles are acting against each other. The MagicPoint 100 use a felt on top and the 200 are designed to use with devices using M4, M6 or M8 screws adaptors (included).

Matchpoint 100 is using the "Triple Ring Technology" with a serrated outer ring to provide better energy dissipation. Model 200 is designed for use with screw and 300 for spike.

Height: 13 mm
Diameter: 65 mm
Maximum load (each): 25 kg

SSCliftpoint1.6 Liftpoint 1.6 is adjustable from 7 to 10 mm ideal for uneven floor.

Height: 16 mm
Diameter: 51 mm
Maximum load (each): 15 kg

Liftpoint 3.5 is adjustable from 7 t0 10 mm ideal for uneven floor. As the Liftpoint 1.6 they are suppied with M6 or M8 screw adaptors.

Weight: 143 g
Height: 35 mm
Diameter: 51 mm
Maximum load (each): 15 kg


Designed to enhance isolation of spiked devices, the Spike Plate also avoids damages to floors. Available in silver only.. Sold individually

Dimensions: 25x3 mm

SSC Solidbase Solidbase is using six decoupling devices. Because it is fairly slim, it nearly disappears optically. It has positive effects on the sound.
Maximum load: 70 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 440x360x20 mm
SSCsolobase Solobase is using 11 decoupling devices. It can support CD player, turntable, tube electronics, subwoofer and speakers or hi-fi racks.
Recommended by Hi-Fi Choice and TED Magazine.
Maximum load: 80 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 440x360x20 mm
SSC Twinbase Twinbase is made of two wood plate swith SSC elements in between. This base will improve the sound with more dynamic and more precision in the bass range.

Maximum load: 120 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 440x360x48 mm

Netpoint, Matchpoint and Solidbase are available in black only.

Liftpoint 1.6 and 3.5 are available in silver only.

Solobase and Twinbase are available in black as a standard finish. Other finishes (beech, silver and white) special order.