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Welcome to Atoll Électronique Canada

The Conrad-Johnson ART27A is available to a limited number of discerning audiophile.This reference level products with only the highest quality parts is unmatched in the industry. Precision laser-trimmed bulk metal foil Vishay resistors, CJD Teflon dielectric capacitors and polypropylene capacitors and Lundahl output transformers optimized for Class A operation of triode connected KT88s.

As part of its 32nd edition, the Montreal Audio Fest will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cult festival Woodstock at its next edition, which will take place from March 22 to 24, 2019 at the Bonaventure Hotel. Several new Atoll Electronic products, including the DAC300 ST-200 and DAC 100 Signature, Merging Technologies NADAC Power power supply and the Conrad-Johnson ET6SE preamplifier, will be premiered in Canada. MAF2019
The Atoll Electronique Signature Series products are now available including CD players and drives, integrated amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers, DAC, streamer and "All in one" Low ESR Mundorf MKP and Mundorf capacitors, volume atenuators, specific damping products and 8 mm front panel are used on some models. AtollSignatureSerie
Merging Technologies is a Swiss manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in developing professional Audio. NADAC was born out of the request from Merging’s recording engineer customers to provide an audiophile DAC. Merging Logo
Atoll Electronique Canada is now the proud Canadian importer for the prestigious brand Conrad-Johnson . Since 1977, the company has won numerous prizes and awards all around the world, for their high quality tube and transistor audio gear including preamplifiers, phono stages, power amplifiers. Conrad-Johnson's R&D efforts are concentrated on developing audio components which offer increasingly true recreation of live music performances. ConradJohnsonClassic62
As a result of the 30 years of research and experience in developing and manufacturing speakers, here's the new line of speakers from Davis Acoustics named Balthus in memory of the Polish-French painter Balthasar Klossowski de Rola. The serie include 3 towers: Balthus 50, 70 and 90, one bookshelf the Balthus 30 and one centre channel the Balthus 10. Like other Davis Acoustics speaker, sensitivity is quite high ranging from 90 to 94 dB with a minimum impedance of 4 ohms for an easy load to all amplifiers. Sound has a great level of homogeneity because of the use of the same tweeter and same type of woofer for all models. Available in black ash or walnut with a black gloss front baffle. DavisAcousticsBalthus
Atoll Électronique Canada is now the canadian importer for Davis Acoustics french speakers. Since 1986, they've been manufacturing hifi speakers and also an OEM supplier for brands like Avantgarde, Goldmund, Jadis, MBL etc. Design and manufacturing of drivers, coils, magnet etc is essentially made in France. DavisAcoustic