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Atoll Electronique manufacturing Highlights

CONCEPTION: Fully symmetrical stages, with discrete components, dual mono configuration, low feedback loop design, minimal cable lengths, and grounds are designed in a star configuration, internal protections.

COMPONENTS: Snap-in high value capacitors with low serial resistance.
ALPS potentiometers, matched pair MOS-FETS transistors, metal film resistors.

MANUFACTURING: hand soldered assemblies, testing, and quality control are done at four different phases of the building process, and each unit must go through a final listening step just before each unit are packed. All mechanical assemblies, like front panels are sub-contracted in France, this offers reliable supply, and increases flexibility and adaptability.

Manual components insertion
Welding by hand
Board testing and adjusting
Testing and pre-setting before mounting
Mounting into unit's chassis and final assembly
Heating and audio testing for each unit