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Welcome to Atoll Électronique Canada

The Conrad-Johnson ART27A is available to a limited number of discerning audiophile.This reference level products with only the highest quality parts is unmatched in the industry. Precision laser-trimmed bulk metal foil Vishay resistors, CJD Teflon dielectric capacitors and polypropylene capacitors and Lundahl output transformers optimized for Class A operation of triode connected KT88s.

As part of its 32nd edition, the Montreal Audio Fest will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cult festival Woodstock at its next edition, which will take place from March 22 to 24, 2019 at the Bonaventure Hotel. Several new Atoll Electronic products, including the DAC300 ST-200 and DAC 100 Signature, Merging Technologies NADAC Power power supply and the Conrad-Johnson ET6SE preamplifier, will be premiered in Canada. MAF2019
Join us at the 2018 Toronto Audiofest .As a Canadian premiere, we'll be showing the Conrad-Johnson ET7s2 preamplifier, the Merging NADAC Player PL2 and the Davis Acoustics Courbet 7 TafLogo
Come to meet us at the 2018 Montreal Audio Fest from March 23 th to 25 th. Admission is free. Atoll Electronique Canada will reveal Atoll Electronique Signature series presented by the co-founder M. Emmanuel Dubreuil, Conrad Johnson amplifiers, Davis Acoustics Courbet 5 as a North American premiere, Merging+NADAC digital analog converter and new SSC BigPoint and BigMagicPoint. Montreal Audio Fest
Merging Technologies is a Swiss manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in developing professional Audio. NADAC was born out of the request from Merging’s recording engineer customers to provide an audiophile DAC. Merging Logo
Atoll Electronique Canada is now the proud Canadian importer for the prestigious brand Conrad-Johnson . Since 1977, the company has won numerous prizes and awards all around the world, for their high quality tube and transistor audio gear including preamplifiers, phono stages, power amplifiers. Conrad-Johnson's R&D efforts are concentrated on developing audio components which offer increasingly true recreation of live music performances. ConradJohnsonClassic62
As a result of the 30 years of research and experience in developing and manufacturing speakers, here's the new line of speakers from Davis Acoustics named Balthus in memory of the Polish-French painter Balthasar Klossowski de Rola. The serie include 3 towers: Balthus 50, 70 and 90, one bookshelf the Balthus 30 and one centre channel the Balthus 10. Like other Davis Acoustics speaker, sensitivity is quite high ranging from 90 to 94 dB with a minimum impedance of 4 ohms for an easy load to all amplifiers. Sound has a great level of homogeneity because of the use of the same tweeter and same type of woofer for all models. Available in black ash or walnut with a black gloss front baffle. DavisAcousticsBalthus
Don't miss the event of the year, the 2017 Montreal Audio Fest from March 24 th to 26 th. Admission is free. Atoll Électronique Canada will reveal the new IN300 integrated amplifier with the Davis Acoustics Cezanne in cherry wood with some other products from both manufacturers. Mr. Olivier Visan, founder of Davis Acoustics will be present along Mr. Emmanuel Dubreuil cofounder of Atoll Électronique France. Atohm speakers and interconnect cables will be used for the presentation along SSC German decoupling devices and isolation bases. Come and meet us for this great event, room 2425. MontrealAudioFest2017
At the TAVES 2016, people enjoyed the Davis Acoustics MV-ONE Olympia One and Matisse 30, the Atoll Electronique products and SSC isolation devices. Six Moons had very good comments, "Atoll/Davis/SCC were demonstrating a musically successful pairing of the superbly crafted and visually attractive Atoll 400 series. The room showed high musical pedigree with style and grace" Enjoy The Music also appreciated sound and music selection: " I encountered Atoll gear driving a Davis MV One speaker. The room was sounding quite decent . Davis makes drivers for Goldmund and MBL among others and this model was doing justice to the transparency and dynamics of Hugh Masekela's "Stimela". SSC footers that were on display features a variety of technologies in the different models and these looked to be reasonably priced. TAVES2016AtollAtohmDavisSSC
Meet us at the Toronto TAVES 2016 form October 28th to 30th. For this event, we'll be showing two North-American premiere: the Atoll Electronique DR200SE2 CD drive and the Davis Acoustics Matisse 30 special edition in black lacquered finish for their 30th anniversary.Also on display SSC German decoupling devices and Athom cables. TAVES2016

Thank you to Home Theater Hifi Magazine, The Ear and Computer Audiophile for their coverage, good comments and pictures of the Vancouver Audio Show 2016. Here's some of their quotes: HTHM "I was instantly impressed by both the Davis Acoustics Renoir and the Matisse Signature" CA: "Overall this was one of my top 3 favorite rooms. The Renoir sounded really good, even in the smallish room they were in. Smooth and extended in both frequency extremes"


For the Vancouver Audio Show, from France, as a North American premiere, Atoll Electronique Canada is very proud to introduce the Davis Acoustics Renoir, Matisse Signature and the Eva.

Another North American premiere from France, the Atohm speaker and interconnection cables. The ZEF series include: ZEF MAX, ZEF SPEAKER, ZEF MINI, and the ZEF Modul interconnect cables. ZEF speakers and interconnect cables are based on a conductive structure made up of a mono-strand OCC Copper and multi-strands silver plated UC-OFC and are insulated with Fluoropolymer (FEP & PTFE).

From SSC Germany, the MagicPoint 100 and 200 (North American premiere) and RecordPoint 420 record clamp.

Atoll Electronique Vancouver Audio Show 2016
Very good comments from Stereophile at the Montreal Audio Fest for about the Atoll 400 serise with the Davis Acoustics MV One speakers "This single-driver, rear-wave-horn-loaded loudspeaker had far greater treble extension than I would have expected, and its bass performance was impressively meaty"

Thank you to Marc Philip for the excellent picture.
Atoll and Davis AudioFest 2016
Come and meet us at the Montreal Audio Fest, at the Hilton Bonaventure from March 18th to 20th, admission is free. We'll be showing as a Canadian premiere the Atoll Electronique MD100 mini CD player, the SSC Magicpoint decoupling device and the SSC 420G record clamp. MontrealAudioFest
Atoll Électronique Canada is now the canadian importer for Davis Acoustics french speakers. Since 1986, they've been manufacturing hifi speakers and also an OEM supplier for brands like Avantgarde, Goldmund, Jadis, MBL etc. Design and manufacturing of drivers, coils, magnet etc is essentially made in France. DavisAcoustic
As a Canadian premiere at the Vancouver Audio Show, Atoll Electronique Canada is proud to present the new CD400SE, an updated version of the famous CD400. Come and meet us at the Hilton Metrotown from May 8-10 room 403 VancouverAudioShow2015
Thank you to Stereophile Magazine and Pulsion Audio for their show coverage of the Salon Son et Image 2015. On this picture (courtesy of Pulsion Audio) the AM400 power amplifier, DR100SE2 CD transport, the ST-200 streamer and the PR400 preamplifier.

A pair of Spendor A9 speakers with cabling by Nordost connected to this high performance sound system produced an engaging warm sound.
Atoll electronique Canada is proud to present the new MS100 mini music server as a world premier at the Salon Son et Image 2015. We'll be showing the SSC product line for the first time too. Come and meet us at the Hilton Bonaventure from March 27 to 29th room #2427 Salon Son et Image 2015
Excellent feedback about Atoll électronique products at the Las Vegas 2015 CES. Thank you to Audio Excellent US distributor and Hi-Fi+, The Asolute Sound, CineNow, and Audio Federation for their pictures, video and show coverage! AtollElctroniqueCES2015
Atoll electronique will be at the CES Las Vegas at the Venitian Hotel suite 30-322 from January 6th to 9th 2015.
Come and meet M. Emmanuel and Stepane Dubreuil co-founder and see the latest addition to the line, the DR100SE2 and DR200SE2, the SDA100 and 200 and the HD120 with the MA100.
The new HD120 DAC includes all the features of the HD100 with the addition of Bluetooth, 12 v trigger and asynchronous USB input 24bit/192Khz
Add the MA100 power amplifier and you get a high performance compact audio system at a decent price.
The DR100SE2 CD transport is now available in Canada. It use the same mechanism as the CD players but benefits from many tweeks on the power supply and internal damping. AtollElectroniqueDR100SE
Atoll Electronique Canada is now distributor for SSC (String Suspension Concept) decoupling devices. Since 1977, this German manufacturer has developped products for the audiophiles and has been acclaimed by several Hi-Fi magazines like Stereophile, Audio, Stereoplay and many more. SSC Netpoints
Lots of interest from consumers and press at the Montreal SSI 2014 about Atoll products llike the HD100, ST200 and 100, our sound system below 5000$ Here's shows reports from :
Magazine Audio
, Pulsion and Stereophile.
Atoll electronique Salon Son et Image 2014
Come and meet us at the Montreal Salon Son et Image from march 28th to 30th 2014. We will be showing the new HD100 DAC/headphone amplifier. Atoll electronique HD100
Excellent feedback about Atoll electronique products at the Montreal Salon Son et Image 2013. Thank you to Magazine Audio and SoundStage for their show coverage! Atoll ectronique ST100 Salon Son et Image 2013
Come and meet us at the Montreal Salon Son et Image 2013 at the Hilton Bonnaventure from March 22nd to 24th. We will be featuring our new produts like the DAC 100SE, SE2 CD players and St100/200 streamers. Salon Son et Image
Two new products: ST100 and ST200 DLNA/UPNP streamers with internet radio and built in pre-amplifier and 3.5 inches color display. Works with remote control or iPhone/Ipad apps. Available in black or silver. Atoll Electronique ST200
Come and visit us at the 2012 Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show from September 28th to 30th. See the new preamplifier and power amplifier from the 400 serie, the P200SE phono preamp, the DAC100SE and the SE2 CD players serie with digital input board option.
Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show