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Atoll Electronique Canada is proud distributor of
Atohm cables

Atohm is the brain-child of Thierry Comte, one-time technical director of Triangle, who used those years of driver design skills to go it alone and create one of France's premier OEM and DIY suppliers of drive units and cables.

The ZEF Max is remaining faithful to its high-end philosophy and relying on its wealth of experience. To make the best possible use of "surface" currents on the cable, much research went into assembling the conducting structure for ZEF cables. The structure consists of a central core made of OCC copper (extremely pure single crystal copper) surrounded by multiple strands of solid silver-plated Ultra Cast OFC copper.

The advantage of this design is that it offers excellent conductivity over a very large bandwidth. To guarantee the purest possible signal and prevent any kind of distortion due to electrostatic interference, ZEF MODULATION, ZEF MAX and ZEF SPEAKER cables are insulated with Fluoropolymer (FEP & PTFE).


The ZEF Speaker is similar to the Max but has a cross section of 2.8 mm² or 12.5 AWG with 3 mono-strands conductor instead of 5 mm² or 10 AWG and 3 mono-strands. It use 204 multi-strands UC-OFC silver plated conductors instead of 6 mono-strands and 343 multi-strands conductors.

With their unique design and a rigorous choice of materials, "ZEF" speaker cables provide perfect signal transmission. Far from producing any "flattering effect", they simply reproduce the most infinite details in the music.


ZEF speaker cables are based on a conductive structure made up of a mono-strand OCC Copper and multi-strands silver plated UC-OFC.

It has a cross section of 2.8 mm² or 13 AWG with 204multi-strands UC-OFC silver plated copper and one OCC copper mono-strand.


The ZEF interconnect cables are assembled using the finest materials: conductors individually coated with Fluoropolymer (FEP) and cable insulation with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), dual conduction structure with OCC copper and silver-plated Ultra-Cast OFC, anodized aluminum shield and silver-plated Ultra-Cast OFC copper shielding. The ideal geometric design and shielding ensure perfect protection against any interference such as EMI and RF. With its dual conduction system, this cable can be used for both symmetric and asymmetric connections. In addition, the cables can be equipped with either RCA plugs, manufactured on digital control machine tools with FEP insulation and coaxial cable tightening, or high quality XLR connectors.They are available in 0.6m or 1m with XLR or RCA connectors. Longer cables are available on special order.


The WT-STU is the ideal complement for our ZEF-SPEAKER cable.

The connector body is fixed onto the cable (max. 6mm²), with 2 tightening screws. The two "fork" and "banana" end plugs are delivered together with the connector body, ready to be screwed on.

All conductor parts are made of OCC copper and are sold silver-plated. Sold as a set, including 1 body + 2 end parts.


The WT-LM is a high end male banana plug. A cone-shaped needle system forces the conductor end to expand. This ingenious system of coaxial tightening provides secure connection with the female receiver.

Up to 6mm², the cable can be connected using 2 tightening screws and/or by soldering.

Lead-free brass body / CNC machined / 24K gold plated.

4 mm banana plug with coaxial tightening system.


The WT-MB53-G is a high end male banana plug. The cable can be connected using two tightening screws and/or soldering. The ideal complement for our Atohm ZEF Mini cable.

Lead-free brass body / CNC machined / gold plated 24K

4 mm banana plug